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5 Tips for Choosing Kids Swim Goggles

5 Tips for Choosing Kids Swim Goggles

Oct 17,2022
Choosing Kids Swim Goggles
Your everyday swimmer often uses the same basic gear: a swimsuit, maybe a swimming cap, and goggles. For a successful swimming trip or lesson, your child needs goggles that are tailored to their needs. So, when you try to find the perfect pair of goggles, what are you looking for? Keep the following points in mind before purchasing them.

1. What purpose will the swim goggles serve?

Many swimmers may not be aware that there are different goggles for different swimming activities. There are different shades, lens colors, and fit depending on the activity. If you swim indoors, you probably don't want darker lenses. 

2. What size google spacer are you looking for?

In general, the smaller the spacer, the better. When you use smaller gaskets, your water resistance decreases. But you must also remember that buying goggles that are comfortable on your child's face is always the number one priority. 

3. Are the seals of swimming goggles made of rubber, silicone, foam, or plastic?

This is the part of the goggles that comes into contact with the skin around the eyes, creating pressure around the eye sockets. In most cases, a silicone or rubber material is the best choice because it creates suction around the eye to keep moisture out. Silicone has become a popular choice in recent years, but it tends to be a little more expensive. Also, some people are allergic to latex, which is sometimes found in swimming goggles. If you are allergic to latex, check with the manufacturer to make sure the goggles you choose are latex-free.

4. How do children's swimming goggles fit children's eyes?

It is crucial to choose a pair of goggles for your child that is neither too big nor too small. If your eyelashes touch the inside of your goggles when you blink, you may want to opt for a larger pair. Comfort may not seem like a big deal if your child is planning a short swim, but if you plan to swim for more than 30 minutes or so, a comfortable pair of swim goggles will go a long way to helping them enjoy their time in the water.

5. Does your child need prescription swimming goggles? 

Having prescription goggles may not be necessary, but it's certainly a nice feature. Obviously, you can't wear glasses in the water, and anyone who wears contact lenses knows how frustrating it can be to try swimming with them. Maybe prescription goggles are the perfect solution for your child.

The above briefly introduces the selection skills of children's swimming goggles. If you want to customize or buy children's swimming goggles, please contact us.

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