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How to Prepare a Diving Mask for Scuba Diving?

How to Prepare a Diving Mask for Scuba Diving?

Mar 28,2023
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Investing in your own scuba gear is always super exciting! So, when you come home with a new diving mask, you might want to try it out as soon as possible! However, there is nothing worse than a mask that keeps fogging up underwater, and unless properly prepared beforehand, a new mask could be the culprit.

Why Do New Masks Fog Up?

During the manufacturing process, the lenses of the mask are coated with a thin layer of silicone. Silicone protects the lens to prevent the lens from being scratched during manufacturing, storage, and packaging. However, the protective layer produces a lot of misting and the mask will continue to mist until it wears down, or steps are taken to remove it. Thankfully, there are a few ways to remove your new mask without damaging it!

Use Detergent

Your best bet is a commercial agent, such as toothpaste. If toothpaste is used, it needs to be a paste, not a gel, and not whitening. Whitening toothpaste contains small crystals that remove stains from your teeth that may scratch your mask.

When using the scrubber, apply a bead-sized drop of toothpaste to the inside and outside of the lens. Use your fingertips to vigorously scrub the paste off the sides of the lens, concentrating mainly on the inside of the lens. Make sure to scrub every inch of the lens. Do not scrub with a textured sponge or steel wool as this can scratch the glass.

After scrubbing all parts of the lens, rinse it thoroughly with clean water. You might also consider leaving toothpaste or a soft scrub on the lenses overnight if you're not in a hurry to use the mask.

Allow your mask to dry and return it to its original plastic case. If done properly, this silicone removal process is only a one-time operation. You will need to demist your mask every time you dive.

Burning Silicone

The second method should only be attempted by professionals experienced in this method. It's very effective if done correctly, but if done incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging the mask.

Using a lighter, the silicone can be burned off. It's important to position the lighter so that the tip of the flame is just below the lens (hold the mask horizontally and place the lighter directly below). The tip of the flame needs to keep moving around the lens to avoid the lens getting too hot in one place. Extra care is required not to burn or melt the silicone skirt around the edge of the lens. Don't be surprised if the lenses darken during the process, it's the soot from the silicone burning.

After treating the inside and outside of both lenses, rinse the mask and the soot will be wiped away.

Allow your mask to dry and return it to its original plastic case. If done correctly, the silicone will be removed and you will only need to demist the mask when diving.

Use Defogging on Every Dive

Just because you've removed the silicon, remember to demist before every dive. Put a drop of defogger on each lens, wipe it with your fingertip, and rinse it off before putting on your diving mask. If you don't have a commercial demister, you can also use dish soap, shampoo, toothpaste or even spit!

Follow these simple but essential steps to prep your new diving mask and you'll be able to make happy and fog-free dives time and time again! If you are looking for diving masks, welcome to contact us.

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