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Choosing the Best Scuba Mask: Things to Consider

Choosing the Best Scuba Mask: Things to Consider

Apr 10,2023
Scuba Mask
When diving, your mask is your eyes, and choosing the best mask for you is critical to your diving success. The most important thing to choosing a mask is a good fit, airtight, and comfortable to wear. Everything else is just a bonus.

It is not uncommon for a diver to have multiple masks for different types of diving, each mask being optimized for a specific type of diving.

Scuba Mask Lens Type

Scuba masks come in four lens types for different diving scenarios. Regardless of the lens type, you need a mask that will give you a good seal and a clear field of vision. Keep this information in mind when you decide to make a purchase.

Single Lens

According to most divers, a single lens mask provides a wider field of view. They have a lens that spans the length of the mask. These types of masks have a single lens that attaches around the nose and generally fits all people.

Some of the features and benefits of single-lens masks include:

- Wider underwater vision

- No three-dimensional nose bridge means that the front window is not blocked

This mask is perfect for diving when you want to catch all the sea life and other wildlife around you. Technical diving and cave diving also benefit from rimless single-element masks. Whether you're diving among corals or exploring deep underwater caves, a one-way mirror mask is the best choice.

Dual Lens

While single-lens masks are popular among divers, many prefer dual-lens - also known as dual-lens or twin-lens masks. Dual visors have two separate lenses instead of one solid lens over the entire visor.

Some of the features and benefits of dual lens masks include:

- Teardrop lens shape to optimize downward looking

- They are small and easier to remove if submerged

- They can be fitted with corrective lenses. For people who wear glasses or do not wear contact lenses, corrective lenses can make underwater diving clearer

Dual lens masks are popular among freedivers due to their compact design and those who need corrective lenses in the water.

Triple Lens

Triple-lens scuba masks are gaining popularity in the diving world, offering many benefits to the user. Essentially, it's a single-lens visor with clear windows on both sides for minimal distraction and enhanced peripheral and panoramic vision.

Some of the features and benefits of the three-lens mask include:

- Ocean panorama

- More realistic colors and clarity underwater

- Minimize blind spots in the water

- Low-volume style

The low-profile triple lens mask with small side windows is ideal for a wide underwater field of view, giving all divers the best view of the water.

Whole Face

As the name suggests, a full-face diving mask is a mask that covers the entire face. They are not usually used by recreational divers, but many professionals such as commercial divers and videographers use them. They are also the best choice for cold water divers for extra thermal protection.

Some of the features and benefits of full-face masks include:

- You can communicate with your diving buddies using the integrated intercom system.

- Fit straps help keep the mask securely in place

- They eliminate the need to grab a diving mouthpiece.

Full-face masks are used by serious divers who need optimal vision, clear communication with dive buddies, and diving in cold water.
Scuba Mask Features

Lenses aren't the only thing you need to consider when choosing the best scuba mask. Before you decide to buy, let's go over some important mask features.

Skirt Seals and Colors

The skirt of the scuba mask seals against your face. It is the most important element of the mask, as a well-sealed mask helps ensure airtight diving. For the best scuba diving mask, look for skirt seals made of high-quality silicone. Masks made of high-quality silicone are more durable, fit the skin more comfortably, and last longer.


Mask volume refers to the amount of air space inside the scuba mask. The high-volume mask gives divers an open feeling and expands their peripheral vision. One downside to high-capacity masks is that they take more effort to clear when fogged up or filled with water. The low-volume mask sits closer to your face, allowing less air space for the mask and facilitating a faster clearing process.

Framed Vs. Frameless

The framed mask can be disassembled and washed separately. They also have the added benefit of being able to easily install a replacement if part of the mask is damaged. The framed mask is made of thick material and provides approximately 150 degrees of visual range.

Frameless masks have grown in popularity over the past decade, optimized for comfort and seal. The straps attach to the skirt and combine all functions to create a mask that fits closer to your face and enhances your vision.


Visibility is another key factor when choosing the best diving mask for you. The single-lens visor has a wider field of view, the dual-lens visor is compact, and the triple-lens visor minimizes blind spots in the water. The type of mask you want depends on your ultimate diving goals. Are you going deep sea diving? Want to swim and interact with tropical fish? Or, does your vision require corrective lenses?

Regardless, always buy a face shield with a tempered glass lens. Tempered glass protects divers in case the lenses are broken by improper immersion or impact.

Corrective Lenses

As we mentioned when we talked about dual lens masks, prescription lenses have been a lifesaver for divers with poor vision. Dual-lens masks have individual lenses that can be replaced according to your needs.

Color and Style

For many people, the best scuba masks are those that coordinate with their dive gear! Most masks now come in multiple colors instead of the standard black. A colorful mask that coordinates with the rest of your gear lets you express yourself - even underwater.

Scuba Mask for Diving Type

Different types of diving require different types of masks. Here are the best scuba masks for your type of diving.

Recreational Diving

Recreational diving is diving done for fun and enjoyment. It differs from technical diving which requires a higher level of training. Recreational diving is enjoyed by both beginners and advanced divers.

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best scuba diving mask for recreational use:

- Where are you diving?

- What was the goal of this dive trip?

- Are you looking for a specific object or sea life?

Technical Diving

Technical diving involves two key points: venturing beyond the depth limit of recreational scuba diving (130 feet), and it involves operating in an overhead environment. This means you have a "cap" to deal with, whether it's an actual structure like a cave or a depth cap, and you have to complete a series of mandatory decompression stops before returning to the surface.

The best diving masks for technical diving are:

- Low Volume Mask

- Comfortable and waterproof

- Easy to adjust

- Comes with optional accessory for computer mount adapter for easy communication


Travel diving is common among divers, either because they're on vacation and don't live near the water, or they're eager for new adventures. Scuba diving requires a lot of equipment, so preparing in advance can help you prepare for your trip.

Factors to consider for travel masks include:

- Is it easy to store?

- Is it lightweight?

- Is it durable and scratch-resistant?

- Is it suitable for the type of diving you plan to do?

The Right Scuba Mask Can Make All the Difference

There is no one best scuba diving mask for everyone, so it's important to consider the type of diving you're doing, your experience, and the features that will make your dive as comfortable as possible. The ultimate goal of any dive is to enjoy and learn something from it, and the right dive mask can do just that. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a scuba mask, please contact us.

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