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Top Causes of Diving Mask Leaks and How to Fix them

Top Causes of Diving Mask Leaks and How to Fix them

Apr 23,2023
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There's nothing more annoying than a constantly leaking diving mask while snorkeling or scuba diving. A leaky mask isn't dangerous by any means, but constantly having to stop to clean the water from your mask can be a distraction and give you less time to focus on what you're seeing.

When a mask starts leaking, most people's first thought is that there must be something wrong with the mask and immediately want to either throw it in the trash or send it back for a new one. Before doing this, make sure that one of the following easy-to-fix causes is not causing the mask to leak.

There are usually several reasons for a mask to leak. Read on to learn more in our article on the top causes of leaking diving masks and how to fix them.

Attention to Obstacles

Some kind of obstruction that prevents the mask from sealing properly is one of the most common causes of leaks. This can be caused by hair (especially mustaches), slightly folded silicone skirt edges, or even over-tightened straps. For a good seal, there must be nothing between your skin and the silicone skirt of the mask. Even just a few hairs are enough.

An easy way to check for a good seal is to place the mask on your face with the straps just hanging and inhale through your nose. If you can hear or feel any air entering the mask, it's a sign that you're not getting a good seal. When you inhale, the mask should suck into your face, you should be able to release the mask, and it should stay on your face as long as you are still breathing in through your nose.

If you find that you cannot seal it, be sure to pull the hair on your face or forehead completely away from the mask, put the mask on first, and then pull the straps over the top of your head. Starting in the area around the cheeks, run your fingers under the silicone skirt of the mask. Continue to run your fingers up and around the mask, making sure that no areas of the skirt are folded and are lying flat against your skin. This might be something your partner or friend can do for you, as they might be better able to see if the skirt is tucked underneath.

Do Not over Tighten the Straps on the Mask

If nothing interferes, probably the next most common cause is the over-tightening of the shoulder straps. Many people believe that the tighter the mask tightens, the better the seal will be. This is actually incorrect and can actually cause the mask to not seal properly, causing the mask to leak. What actually holds the mask against your face and helps create a seal is the water pressure.

After putting on the mask and making sure there are no obstructions, tighten the mask as usual. Then hold the mask with one hand and loosen the tension on one of the buckles with the other. You just want to relieve excess tension on the strap, not loosen it. This should help give your mask the proper tension and make it seal better.

Exhale Through the Nose

If there is no interference and your mask is not too tight, then the water entering the mask may be exhaling through your nose. If you are using a mask and it keeps leaking, clear the water and try pinching your nose to see if the leak stops. If so, that's the problem. For some people, it's natural to exhale slightly through the nose rather than just through the snorkel or regulator. If this is the case, it will take a little practice to exhale through the mouth only.

Does the Mask Fit

If none of the above work, the problem is most likely simply that the mask is not fitting your face. Since mask skirts made of silicone are so flexible, this isn't usually the case, but it's certainly possible depending on the size and shape of your face.

The right fit is just one thing to look for when shopping for a new diving mask. If you have any questions or you want to buy a diving mask, please contact us.

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