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Snorkeling Gear - What Do I Need For Snorkeling?

Snorkeling Gear - What Do I Need For Snorkeling?

Sep 5,2023
Diving Mask
Your list of snorkeling gear is very minimal compared to scuba diving gear. All you really need are a snorkel, mask, and fins. That's it! However, if you're snorkeling in cooler waters or in areas with high UV rays, you may also want to consider wetsuits, wetsuits, and reef-safe sunscreen. Trust us, after a long, beautiful day of snorkeling in the sun, your back will be burning without proper protection. Also, if you're not the strongest swimmer or prefer a lighter, more relaxed snorkeling experience, you might also consider purchasing a snorkel vest for added buoyancy on the water. In the end, you need a suitable bag to hold everything.

Whether you're just looking for one or all of the items, Shengbailong has everything you need for snorkeling. The reason we have such a wide range of high-quality snorkeling gear is so that you can find what suits you best - but we also offer a variety of snorkel kits so you can buy everything you need quickly. That's up to you, and we'd love to help you find the right gear for your adventure.

Choose a Diving Mask

Finding the right snorkel mask can be the difference between a fun day in the water and a memorable one. Your mask may seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but when you find the right one, you'll understand. The best snorkeling mask for you should be comfortable, leak-free, and crystal clear. Your mask should fit your face snugly and provide an unrestricted view of the underwater world. Some masks even offer options for prescription lenses or insertable magnifiers so you can see underwater as if you were underwater.

Let's start with the parts of a snorkel mask: straps, skirt, lenses, nose pocket.

Mask Strap: These are the straps that attach to the sides of the mask to secure the mask to your head. Usually, the straps that come with the mask are made of soft and stretchy rubber or silicone. Masks usually have buckles on the side where the straps go through so that you can easily adjust the tightness of the straps. Some shoulder straps are single-wide, while others offer a split design. The mask that is most comfortable and holds the mask in place depends on the size and shape of your head. Also, there are replacement mask straps/masks made of neoprene. They replace or wrap around the straps that come with the mask and generally reduce hair pulling and tangling.

Skirt: The skirt is the part of the mask that hugs your face and creates a seal. Silicone is a popular material because of its softness and flexibility. Feather skirts provide extra comfort and generally allow for a better seal.

Lenses: The lenses of a snorkeling mask are usually single or double. Some masks have extra lenses on the side to increase your field of vision. Lenses are usually made of durable, scratch-resistant tempered glass with an anti-reflective coating to provide clear vision underwater. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Single-lens masks typically give you a wider, uninterrupted field of vision, while dual-lens masks allow for a different prescription lens on each side.

Nose Pockets: Nose bags are just that. The mask has a nose pocket for easier mask cleaning. Some nose bags have a vent valve, while others do not. The flush valve is a one-way device that allows water that has seeped into the mask to drain effortlessly.

Low-Volume Vs. High-Volume – What’s That Mean?

You may have heard people refer to their face masks as "low volume." When talking about masks, volume refers to how much air is inside the mask. The low-volume mask means the lenses are closer to your face and the mask is more streamlined. In other words, there is less space, or air, between your eyes and the glass. In contrast, a high-volume mask means the lenses are farther away from your eyes. The one that's right for you depends on your preferences, the size of your head, and how comfortable you are.

Full-face snorkeling masks, also known as dry masks, are great for snorkelers who don't like getting their face wet or biting their mouth. This mask covers your entire face and secures in the back with a comfortable strap. You'll enjoy an unrivaled 180-degree field of view and fog-free lenses. The unique full-face design allows you to breathe normally as the ventilation tube is built into the mask. The dry-top built-in snorkel has a cover to keep water out of the tube for a relaxing day in the water.

All About Snorkel

A good snorkel is an essential part of your snorkeling gear. The snorkel is the tube that lets you breathe air while your face is submerged in water. And, believe it or not, there are a few options to consider when shopping for a snorkel. You want to find the best snorkel for you. This may mean that the nozzle is the most important thing, or that you may be concerned with a nozzle that has a vent or valve at the bottom of the tube, or that you may need a dry vent with a cap to keep water out.

There are 3 main types of snorkels: dry snorkels, semi-dry snorkels, and purified snorkels.

The dry snorkel has an automatic regulating valve that senses the difference in weight between air and water. The snorkel top seals when submerged and automatically reopens when you resurface, preventing water from entering the tube.

The semi-dry snorkel has a splash guard on top. While semi-dry snorkels block most water, they don't completely block the air source like dry snorkels. They allow you to breathe evenly and be more flexible on choppy days, but you still need to clean it up.

Open-top snorkels have a fully open top. Some have a bleed valve at the bottom to allow for easier cleaning and some do not.

The most important thing about choosing a snorkel is that it fits you. The mouthpiece is key because there is such a thing as jaw fatigue. This can cause mild pain that escalates into a headache, cutting short a day of underwater exploration. Again, there are plenty of options, and you'll know when you've found the right one.

Snorkeling Fins - Which Is Right For You?

The right snorkel fins can make the difference between whether you're paddling through the water like a marlin or exhausted between breaths. Snorkeling fins come in the same styles as diving fins: full-foot or adjustable, and full-blade or split. You won't realize how helpful they are until you take them off and try swimming.

Full-Foot Snorkeling Fins: Fins have an opening for the foot, just like a shoe. You don't need socks, but you can choose to wear thin Lycra diving socks if you prefer. These fins are best for places where the water is always warm, usually when you are snorkeling on a boat. You slip them on like water shoes, jump into the water, and get ready to snorkel and explore.

Adjustable Snorkeling Fins: Features a heel strap with a foot pocket, also known as open heel fins. You need diving boots with these to protect your feet. They fit a wider range of foot shapes and are quick and easy to adjust. These snorkel fins are designed for a variety of environments. They are for different conditions where the water might not always be that warm, or when you might have to walk over rocks to get to the water's edge.

Split Snorkel Fins: These fins provide high thrust with less resistance per kick. Great for those with knee problems.

Full Blade Snorkel Fins: These fins have a higher top speed, as most are now designed to store energy from the second half of a kick to propel you further forward in the first half of each kick. They may require more muscle to move but have a higher top speed.

No matter which type of snorkeling fins you end up choosing, make sure they are comfortable. If there is any discomfort, it will only get worse once in the water. As with all snorkeling fins, your shoe size is a good starting point.

The above introduces the matters needing attention when choosing the snorkeling equipment that suits you. If you want to buy snorkeling equipment, please contact us.

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