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Full Face Diving Masks Aren't Just for Public Safety Diving

Full Face Diving Masks Aren't Just for Public Safety Diving

Oct 9,2023
full-face diving mask
In the world of scuba diving, safety and comfort are paramount. One innovation that has gained popularity in recent years is the full-face mask. While originally designed for public safety diving, these masks have found their way into recreational diving as well. In this article, we'll explore the benefits and versatility of full-face diving masks, diving into their advantages for both professional and recreational divers.

Now you may be asking yourself: "What exactly is a full-face diving mask? Why should I use a full-face diving mask?"

As the name suggests, a full-face diving mask is a device that seals a diver's eyes, nose, and face. The device has a seal that surrounds the diver's forehead, cheeks, and chin and isolates the eyes and mouth from the environment. Additionally, a diver's regulator can be connected to the unit or an installed second stage can be implemented as part of a demand system.

But what are the benefits?

Enhance Visibility and Communication

One of the outstanding features of a full-face diving mask is its excellent visibility. Unlike traditional masks that only cover the eyes and nose, full-face diving masks provide an unobstructed view of the entire face, allowing divers to see clearly in all directions. This expanded field of view is a game-changer, especially for public safety divers who need to navigate complex underwater structures.

Additionally, these masks are often equipped with communication systems. Built-in microphones and speakers allow divers to easily communicate with team members. This capability is invaluable in public safety missions, where effective communications can save lives.

Comfortable and Reduces Fatigue

Diving is physically demanding, and comfort plays an important role in a diver's overall experience. Full-face diving masks excel in this regard. They seal the entire face, eliminating the need to clench the mouthpiece between your teeth. This not only reduces jaw fatigue but also allows natural breathing through the nose, making it more comfortable to work underwater for long periods of time.

Has Many Uses

Although full-face diving masks were originally designed for professional divers, they are also popular among recreational divers. These masks offer versatility to appeal to divers of all levels. From underwater photographers who appreciate the unobstructed view of capturing stunning marine life, to cold water divers who benefit from the extra insulation, full-face diving masks have a place in all types of diving.

Security and Emergency Preparedness

In any form of diving, safety is a top priority. A full-face diving mask contributes greatly to a diver's safety. Their design reduces the risk of water entering the mask, providing an extra layer of protection against cold water and contaminants. This feature is critical for public safety divers working in hazardous conditions.

In an emergency where the mask may need to be removed quickly, full-face diving masks usually have a one-touch release mechanism. This ensures that the diver can quickly switch to a backup breathing apparatus if needed.

Expand Field of View

Imagine being able to see nearly 180 degrees while diving. Full-face diving masks provide a wider field of view because your peripheral vision is not blocked by the skirt or corners of the mask. This allows you to notice things you might not see when wearing a traditional face mask.

Withstand Severe Weather

Are you a cold water diver? If so, this mask is for you! A full-face mask provides warmth to your face in cold water because it covers your forehead, eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Since the head is a large source of heat loss when diving, wear a thick hood and full-face mask and you can say goodbye to those cold-water ice cream headaches. Not only that… you don't have to bring cold water into the mask to defog it if necessary. When the dry, compressed air you breathe flows into the interior space of a full-face mask, it naturally keeps the mask clean while you dive.


When you learn to dive, you may have to mentally switch between breathing through your mouth or through your nose. Does this apply to you? You may find that diving with a full-face mask is more relaxing because you can breathe through your mouth or nose; whichever you prefer. Additionally, you may experience less jaw fatigue since you don't have to hold the regulator in your mouth while diving.

In Conclusion

In summary, full-face diving masks have evolved from their origins in public safety diving to become an invaluable tool for divers of all levels. Its enhanced visibility, comfort, and safety make it an excellent choice for professionals and casual enthusiasts alike. Whether you're exploring shipwrecks, conducting research, or simply admiring the beauty of underwater ecosystems, a full-face mask may enhance your diving experience. If you would like to purchase a full-face diving mask, please contact us.

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