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How to Wear Swimming Goggles?

How to Wear Swimming Goggles?

Nov 7,2022
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Swimming goggles protect your eyes and allow you to see underwater, so it's important to know how to wear them properly. Start by pressing the eyecup onto your face until you feel a slight suction. With the goggles in place, pull the elastic straps over the top of your head and adjust them to the right length to secure the goggles, but not squeeze too hard. The goggles should form a comfortable seal and be waterproof without pinching the skin.

Method 1: Putting on and Taking off Swimming Goggles

1. Grab the Goggles by the Edge of the Eyecup

Hold the goggles with the inside of the lens facing you. Place your thumb on the bottom of the eyecup and wrap your index finger around the top of the frame. Your right thumb should rest on the right cup and your left thumb on the left cup.

Flip the straps over to the front of the goggles so they're out of the way while you're wearing them.

Alternatively, you can start with a strap around your neck and goggles dangling in front of you.

2. Press the Goggles on the Eyes

Bring the goggles to your face and guide the blindfold over your eyes. Gently press your finger into the edge of the frame. You should feel a slight suction as they form a seal on the skin around your eyes.

Only the soft rubber on the inside of the eyecup touches your face.

Make sure the eyecup doesn't pinch or pull on your skin. If so, you may need to remove and reposition them until they are comfortable.

Avoid touching the lens itself. Doing so may leave smudges and obstruct your underwater vision.

3. Guide the Harness Up and over the Head

Press the goggles against your eyes with one hand and adjust the position of the strap with the other hand until it rests on the back of your head and is level with your eyes. When viewed from the side, the strap and eyepiece should form a horizontal line.

If the strap doesn't feel comfortable in its position, slide it up instead of down. The lower it is, the easier it is for the goggles to slip off when swimming.

4. Adjust the Straps for a Comfortable and Secure Fit

Pull the loose end of the rubber strap through the buckle slot on the side of the frame to tighten the goggles. If you want to loosen them, lift the buckle lever and pull out the straps to give them a little slack. Your goggles should be snug, but not too tight.

Before you dive into the water, double-check that the goggles fit securely around your eye sockets and that you can see clearly from both lenses.

5. Pull the Strap over Your Head from Behind to Remove the Goggles

When you're ready to take off your goggles, just reverse the action of putting them on. Put your thumb behind your ear, slide your thumb under the sides of the strap, and lift it over your head until the goggles release.

Do not try to remove your goggles by pulling on the blindfold. If you're not careful, they can snap back and hit you in the face!

Method 2: Test the Goggles for Fit

1. Choose a Pair of Goggles That Fit Your Eyes Comfortably

When buying a new pair of goggles, try on a few pairs to compare the shape of the lenses and the feel of the eyecups. Proper goggles should fit your face so that they are barely noticeable. If the eyepiece is squeezing, pulling, or restricting your field of view, it's best to get a second pair.

For example, if your eye sockets are round, you may be best suited for goggles with smooth round eyepieces. If your eyes are more almond-shaped, look for a pair of eyes with contoured rubber around the eye patch.

Taking the time to pick the right goggles can mean the difference between free swimming and constant discomfort.

2. Press the Eye Mask on the Face to Test the Suction

Place the eyepiece around the eye and gently press on the edge. If the goggles fit snugly, they should stick to your skin for a few seconds before popping out.

You don't actually need to slide the strap over your head at this point - you're just testing the fit of the eyecup itself.

Goggles that come off immediately are most likely the wrong shape of your face.

If only one eyecup remains in place, it doesn't necessarily mean the goggles don't fit. Try on a few other pairs and note the differences before making a decision.

3. Pull on the Strap and Feel How the Goggles Are Worn

Once you're happy with how the eyepieces fit, finish wearing the goggles as you normally would. Guide the straps overhead so that they are flush with the eyecups. With minimal adjustment, it should be snug without squeezing.

If you start to experience headaches or blurred vision after wearing the goggles for a few minutes, give up and find a better pair.

The rubber straps may pull on your hair when you try them on. It can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't necessarily mean a bad pair of goggles. You shouldn't have the same problem once you're in the pool or wearing a swimming cap.

4. Adjust the Nose Strap by Changing the Distance Between the Eyepieces

Some more expensive swimming goggles have adjustable nose straps. These can be tightened by undoing the straps that meet the eyepieces and reconnecting them to better fit the bridge of the nose. To loosen the nose strap, move the eyepiece further apart.

As with goggles, it is important that the nose strap is comfortable to wear if you are going to wear the goggles for extended periods of time.

Not all goggles have adjustable nose straps. Adjustable straps aren't necessary as long as the pair you're trying on fits the eye properly.

5. If Your Lashes Brush Through the Lenses, Look for Goggles with Deep Eyepieces

Brushing your lashes can be distracting when you're trying to concentrate on swimming. To make sure you don't have this problem, try blinking a few times after you put on your goggles. If you feel your lashes are scratching the back of the lens, consider buying lashes that offer more room.

Goggles with larger eyepieces are further away from the eyes, allowing long lashes to move more freely when blinking.

The above describes the method of wearing swimming goggles in detail. If you want to buy swimming goggles, please contact us.

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