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Goggles: 5 Mistakes When Wearing Them

Goggles: 5 Mistakes When Wearing Them

Jan 9,2023
Children's Goggles
Goggles are an essential part of swimming gear. However, kids tend to lose them all the time or forget to take them to train. But when they do have them, they're usually wearing them the wrong way if the instructor or an older person isn't wearing them. Wearing a swimming cap has a similar story.

Although goggles are designed to be very simple and age- and purpose-appropriate (whether recreational or professional), kids wear them in many different and very interesting "styles."

5 Wrong Ways to Wear Children's Goggles:

1. Slippery Slope: Children often place the elastic band so low on the neck that it looks as if it is going to slide down.

2. Mumps: Similar to swimming caps, kids use elastic bands to press the tops of their ears down to look like they have mumps.

3. Stripe: When they put the elastic band in the middle of the ear. Plus, they pulled it so tight that a giant streak could be seen after they removed it.

4. Mount Everest: When they put the elastic bands on top of their heads, it is as if they want to conquer the tip of the iceberg or Mount Everest.

5. Inversions: Some swimmers wear goggles "correctly" only "a little" upside down. You can tell this by looking at the logo on the inverted goggle.

How to Wear Goggles Correctly?

To put on the goggles, place the goggles over the eyes first, then pull the elastic straps behind the head and over the ears. The strap should be in the middle of the head, where the head is the widest. Most goggles have branding between the goggles and on the strap so you can easily read and put on the goggles the right way.

If you're asking what's the correct way to put your goggles under or over your swim cap, the answer is that both versions are fine. It's entirely up to you. However, most professional swimmers keep their goggles under the cap because it is more practical and keeps the goggles from falling off, which also minimizes drag in the water.

How to Choose the Right Type of Swimming Goggles?

Try to wear the goggles over your eyes without elastic straps. Then with your eyes open again, press down on the goggles with your index finger to create a vacuum. If they fit without elastic bands, they may be the right model for you.

Why is It Important to Wear Swimming Goggles in the Pool?

First, it's to make you feel more comfortable and to keep chlorine from getting in your eyes, which is a very common thing. Then see better underwater (you can see underwater even if you don't wear goggles). Today, goggles and swimsuits have become a fashion statement that will make you feel better.

How to Prevent Glasses from Fogging Up While Swimming?

If this happens frequently during training, it can be very frustrating. There are now special anti-fog goggles and special liquids that prevent the goggles from fogging up. When I used to swim, we didn't have these things and the only "solution" was your own saliva. After we spray them with the "magic liquid", we let them dry while we warm up for training. Then we'll wash them off and they won't fog up.

The above introduces several ways for children to wear goggles incorrectly and some tips for wearing goggles correctly. If you want to buy goggles, please contact us.

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