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Types and Selection Methods of Swimming Caps

Types and Selection Methods of Swimming Caps

Jan 17,2023
Swimming Cap
Once you put the cap on for the first time and feel the streamlined shape and increased glide throughout your stroke, it's hard to imagine swimming without it. Swimming caps are essential swimwear for competitive swimmers, but they're also great for recreational swimmers, especially if you have long hair. There are several types of swim caps you can choose from, and we want to help you find the one that's right for you.

This article aims to clarify some of the benefits of wearing any type of swimming cap. Then, we'll clear up some misconceptions about swim caps and let you know what they won't do for you. After that, we'll take a look at each type of swim cap, some of the nuances you'll find in them, and why you might choose one style over another. We'll also give some tips on how to care for your hat.

Why Wear a Swimming Cap?

No matter which type of swim cap you choose, one is better than nothing. Whether you're a competitive or recreational swimmer, swimming caps can enhance your performance and increase your swimming comfort.

The main reason for wearing a swim cap is to reduce drag. Especially if you have longer hair, a swimming cap will significantly reduce the drag you experience in the pool. Less drag means you don't have to struggle to move through the water, so you can swim further and faster.

Another reason to wear a swimming cap is to improve swimming comfort. When swimming, your hair can be a distraction. The swim cap will keep your hair in place throughout your workout so you can stay focused without worrying about hair falling off your face after every flip.

Why Should I Wear a Swimming Cap for Open Water Swimming?

Open-water and triathlon swimmers will want to wear caps for the same reasons as above, but there are other benefits that make caps attractive to open-water swimmers.

First, a swimming cap will keep your head warm in cold water. Any swim cap will keep your head warmer than no cap, but if warmth is your main concern then a neoprene cap is the way to go. Made from the same material as swimming wetsuits, these hats keep your head warm throughout your swim.

The second reason to wear a swimming cap in the ocean or lake is to make yourself more visible. Visibility is critical for open water swimmers so that boaters can see them, or in case they need to be spotted in the water in an emergency. A colored swim cap can make it easier to see out in the water, and luckily, there are a variety of colors you can choose from.

What a Swimming Cap Can't Do

If you've never worn a swim cap of any kind, you might think it protects your ears from the water, or that it keeps your hair dry. Unfortunately, swim caps are not designed to create a watertight seal, even though they fit snugly, so some water can still get under the cap. That means water will still get in your ears, and your hair will still be a little wet even with a swimming cap on.

Types of Swimming Caps

Now that you understand the benefits of wearing a swim cap, let's take a look at each type of swim cap and why you should use one. The differences mostly come down to what type of cap material is used, so let's see what the differences are.

Silicone Cap

Silicone swim caps are a great choice for swimmers of all levels. These hats can be used for competition or training. They are durable and will not lose their elasticity over time. The silicone cap is comfortable and conforms to the shape of your head for a great fit. These caps tend to be slightly thicker than latex caps.

Latex Rubber Cap

A latex swim cap is another great option for every swimmer. These swim caps offer many of the same benefits as the silicone swim caps above. They will conform to your head for a comfortable fit. These covers tend to be slightly thinner than silicone covers. Some swimmers prefer the feel of a thinner cap, so they choose latex over silicone.

Molded Cover

Molded swim caps are the best choice for competitive swimming. These racing caps are molded into a domed shape to ensure no wrinkles form when you put them on. These will give you the greatest hydrodynamic advantage of all swim caps during the race. They can be used for competition or training.

How to Put on a Swimming Cap?

Putting on a swim cap takes a little getting used to at first, but it's not that difficult once you get the hang of it. Here are some tips for wearing a swimming cap.

Start by wetting your hair. Swimming caps are easier to put on when your hair is wet. Additionally, wetting your hair with fresh, chlorine-free water before jumping into the pool will protect it from chlorine damage. Your hair can't absorb any more water once it's wet, and the snug fit of the cap prevents most of the chlorinated water from reaching your hair.

Next, if you have long hair, pull it up into a bun before putting on the hat. This will keep all your hair out of the way once you put the hat on.

Now you can put your hat on. Place your hands inside the lid, palms facing each other. Spread your fingertips and separate your hands. Don't be afraid to stretch the cap; it will return to its original shape. Slide it across the top of your head, all the way down to the bottom of your ears. Adjust the sides here and there to smooth out any wrinkles. You are now ready to start!

How to Care for a Hat?

Just like your swimsuit, no matter what type of swim cap it is, it needs proper care if you want it to last. The best way to care for your swim cap is to rinse it with fresh water to remove the chlorine from the cap. Then, you'll want to dry it in a cool, dry place before storing it. Avoid storing the hat in any hot areas, such as in a swim bag or in your car, in direct sunlight.

Put on Your Hats and Head to the Pool

Choosing a good swim cap is just as important as choosing the right goggles. Whether you're doing a swimming workout at your local pool or getting ready for the big game, swimming caps will enhance your swimming experience. Now that you know the types of swim caps to choose from, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and test it out at your next swim session.

The above introduces the types of swimming caps and the selection skills. If you want to order swimming caps, please contact us.

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