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6 Reasons to Wear a Swimming Cap

6 Reasons to Wear a Swimming Cap

Feb 20,2023
Swimming Cap
Swimming caps are essential in competitive swimming. But why, and what's the point of wearing a swimming cap? Read on to learn more about swimming caps and why you should wear them!

What is a Swimming Cap?

The swimming cap only covers the top of the swimmer's head, especially where there is hair. They come in several different materials, each with advantages and disadvantages.

What is the Purpose of the Swimming Cap?

While they may be uncomfortable, the benefits they bring to swimmers far outweigh the attendant disadvantages. Wearing a swim cap correctly helps reduce drag in the water, which increases hydrodynamics. In layman's terms, it helps swimmers swim faster!

Is It Bad to Swim Without a Hat?

Not really, if that's your preference. Next time you go to the pool, you can do without your swimming cap.

But it's a great idea if you want to do some laps, start competitive swimming, or try your hand at open water. Do not trust me? Check out these 6 reasons why you should wear a swim cap!

Why Wear a Swimming Cap?

1. Protect Your Hair

Chemicals in swimming pools are notorious for damaging hair. Transform smooth, silky hair into thick, straw-like locks. While copper in chemicals instead of chlorine can turn hair green, most people don't want to deal with it.

Even with products that help remove chlorine from your hair, wearing a swimming cap can help your hair stay healthy. Silicone and latex swim caps are the best options for keeping your hair dry. Lycra caps, on the other hand, don't offer as much waterproof protection.

A swim cap won't keep your hair 100% dry, but it can still help protect it from chemicals. It also protects your hair from the sun!

2. Keep Hair out of the Pool

There's nothing worse than having someone else's hair caught between your fingers or your face.

A swimming cap helps prevent hair (especially long hair) from floating around in the pool and building up into a hairball.

When you swim without a cap, your hair will fall out - like out of the water. It then builds up in the water and sticks to someone's face. Or form a giant rolling hairball that tumbles along the bottom of the pool.

3. Prevent Hair from Staining Your Face

While we were still talking about hair.

For people with long hair, a swimming cap helps keep hair from getting in the face while swimming. This not only helps you see better and know where you are going. It also helps you breathe more easily.

Trying to get a breath around a mouthful of wet hair isn't the best. It's also disgusting for you.

If you have bangs or hair over your ears, chances are your hair will get in your face if you're not wearing a swimming cap. Using a swim cap can save you some hassle.

4. Eliminate Resistance

While many people think caps are designed to keep hair dry, they are actually designed to reduce drag! Namely, making the swimmer swim faster!

Caps do this by keeping hair collected and out of the water. In turn, this keeps your head hydrodynamic as it moves through the water, and also keeps your hair from weighing you down.

It's all very simple things. But in a race against time and other swimmers, every hundredth of a second count!

Certain hats, such as dome hats, can reduce creases in the hat, which reduces drag.

The key here is to make sure the hat you are wearing is correct and fits you! If the hat wrinkles or tends to slip off, you may be wearing the wrong hat.

5. Help Your Fans (parents) Recognize You in the Pool

For those of you who swim competitively, you know that once you're in the pool, everyone looks the same. Trying to find someone in a crowded warm-up pool and point them out is like playing Where's Waldo.

Wearing a swimming cap can help eliminate some of the searches though. Just look for your team name or logo, or even team colors to make spotting swimmers on deck or in the water easier.

6. Open Water Safety

Want to try open water? As far as your safety is concerned, it's very important that you stand out and be noticed. A brightly colored swim cap will stand out against blues, browns, and greens.

This will not only help people on the boat spot you but lifeguards and other swimmers as well.

Neoprene swim caps are designed to help open-water swimmers maintain their body temperature. Your hands, feet, and head lose heat before the rest of your body, so it's important to stay warm when training in cold water.

By the way, every open-water swimmer should also check out the Open Water Swimming Buoy. They are brightly colored and float on the water behind you as you swim. You should also swim with a buddy or group!

In Conclusion

Swimming caps, despite their sometimes bad reputation, do more good than harm for swimmers.

The choice of wearing a swimming cap is up to you, but if you want your hair to cover your face or protect it, or if you want to swim faster, I hope you consider wearing a swimming cap! You might be surprised how much more beneficial it can be for you than you first thought! If you want to buy swimming caps, please contact us.

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