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How to Put on a Swimming Cap?

How to Put on a Swimming Cap?

Feb 13,2023
 put on a swim cap
Wearing a swimming cap has many benefits, such as helping to keep some of the heavily chlorinated pool water from getting on your hair, helping to keep your hair from touching your face while you swim, and helping to reduce drag while swimming. From a pool owner's perspective, it also helps keep your hair out of the pool filter. Swimming caps are simple in design but can be quite tricky to put on. With a few simple tips, you'll be able to put on your swim cap quickly and easily.

Method 1: Put on the Swimming Cap Yourself

1. Tie Your Hair Up

If you have long hair, use a hair tie to tie your hair into a ponytail or bun (depending on your hair length). Make sure your hair is tied tightly for safety.

A swim cap can force your hair to move and pull it down, so you may want to tie your hair a little higher than you expect it to be in the cap.

2. Wet Your Hair with Water from the Bathroom or Changing Room

Dip your head into the water in a basin, or rinse it under the shower for a few seconds. Wetting your hair will make it easier for the cap material to slide through your hair. Caps tend to stick and pull dry strands.

Consider applying a thin layer of conditioner to your hair. This will make putting the lid on much easier.

3. Open the Swimming Cap

Open the cap with your hands and consider getting the inside of the cap wet. It is not necessary to wet the inside of the hat, but some people find that wetting the inside makes the hat easier to put on. Hold the sides of the cap with both hands.

Wetting the cap may also make it harder to put on—depending on the type of cap used.

4. Pull the Swimming Cap over Your Head

With your head down, place the front of the cap on your forehead between your hairline and eyebrows. Hold the cap over your forehead, then use your hands to pull the cap down and back over the rest of your head.

5. Adjust the Swimming Cap

After putting the swim cap on your head, make any necessary adjustments. Tuck loose hair into the hat, and reposition the front of the hat so that it covers your hairline but not past your eyebrows. Then place the hat around the ears. Pull on the back of the hat to make sure it's as secure as possible, then put on the goggles.

Where you place the hat close to your ears is mostly a matter of personal preference. Some people like to completely cover their ears with hats, especially when playing. Some like to cover half of their ears, while others don't cover their ears at all.

Method 2: Put on a Swimming Cap with a Partner

1. Tie Your Hair Up

If you have longer hair, use a hair tie to pull your hair back and secure it in a ponytail or bun. Swimming caps can cause your hair to move around, so make sure your hair is tied tight and high.

2. Wet Your Hair

Dip your head in the pool or rinse it under the shower before putting on the hat. Since the hat material tends to stick and pull dry hair, wetting the hair may make the hat easier to put on (although this depends on the material of the hat).

3. Wear a Swimming Cap

Ask a friend to help you put on your swimming cap. Open the cap with your hands and tilt your head down. Hold the front of the cap firmly on your forehead while your friend picks up the back of the cap and pulls it to the back of your head

4. Adjust As Needed

Once the hat is on your head, make any necessary adjustments. Pull the cap further down to adjust its position on the forehead, and tuck the loose hair in.

Remember, you can fit the earmuffs on your ears in any way that feels most comfortable to you. You can tuck your ears in, leave them outside, or cover only part of your ears.

Method 3: Put on a Swimming Cap with a Friend

1. Tie Your Hair Up

If you have longer hair, use a hair tie to tie it into a ponytail or bun. Make sure your hair is tied tightly as it may move when the cap is on.

2. Fill the Lid with Water

Ask a friend to turn the cap over and fill it with water. You can scoop water from a swimming pool, or fill it with water from any other type of water source.

Your friend should hold the lid from the side, with the water inside the lid.

3. Put Down the Swimming Cap

Sit on the ground, have your friend stand over you, and hold the cap directly over your head. Your friend can hold the cap close to her face, or even higher, for added height. Have your friend loosen the cap evenly so that it falls right on your head.

The velocity of the water droplets will cause the hat to fall onto your head (due to the weight of the water), so the hat will fold over your head.

Note that this method doesn't always work on the first try, and the results can be rather inconsistent. Often, adjustments are necessary.

4. Adjust the Swimming Cap

Make any necessary adjustments to the swim cap. Put the hat back on your head, tuck in the loose hair, and put the hat over your ears.

The above describes how to wear a swimming cap. If you want to buy a swimming cap, please contact us.

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