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How to Maintain a Swimming Cap?

How to Maintain a Swimming Cap?

Feb 6,2023
Swimming Cap
Swimming caps are the most frequently changed swimming gear, mainly because they only last a few months. After all the stretching, pulling and chlorine/sun exposure they see, the material breaks down. However, there are some simple steps you can take to extend the life of your swim cap.

When Wearing a Swimming Cap?

When wearing a swimming cap, remove any bobby pins or ornaments from your hair. The sharp metal ends and edges may puncture your hat. If you need to adjust your hat, use your fingertips -- not your nails -- to pull it into place.

After Swimming

Rinse the hat with non-chlorinated water, then towel dry the hat lightly or let it dry. You can dust the inside of the cap with talc or baby powder and distribute it evenly – this will absorb moisture that would otherwise allow bacteria to grow and prevent the cap from sticking. In between uses, place the lid in the soft compartment of your case or bag to protect it from sharp objects.

When to Buy a New Hat?

If cared for properly, the covers will last for months of normal use, but those that develop stretched areas or small holes will need to be replaced sooner. Each time the hat is worn, the area of wear becomes larger. Once the cap starts to stick to itself, develop black mold spots, or discolor, it's time to replace it.

The above describes the maintenance skills of swimming caps. If you want to order swimming caps, please contact us.

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