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Full Face Diving Mask Guide

Full Face Diving Mask Guide

May 8,2023
Full Face Diving Mask
You probably won't see full-face scuba diving masks (FFM) on recreational divers very often, but you might see them on professional and serious cold-water divers who need extra thermal protection for their faces. This type of mask is also commonly used by commercial divers, underwater videographers, and television presenters, as it can be fitted with an intercom radio or other communication device that allows divers to record or broadcast their voices and communicate with other divers.

Here's a detailed look at full-face diving masks, how they differ from regular diving masks, and what to look for when choosing a full-face diving mask for your underwater adventures.

Full Face Diving Mask Vs Regular Scuba Mask

Like a full-face snorkel mask, a full-face diving mask completely seals off the diver's face in the water. The mask also has a mouthpiece that allows the diver to breathe and speak normally inside the mask. This is made possible by attaching the full face mask (FFM) directly to the secondary regulator, rather than having to bite your teeth into the regulator's mouthpiece. As you can imagine, breathing through a full-face mask is more comfortable than a traditional face mask and regulator.

The FFM is obviously larger and heavier than a traditional scuba mask. They require special training before use, although they are technically easier to use because the strap can be secured around the head to eliminate the possibility of it falling off and cutting off the air supply. The seals around the entire face are also very airtight, so the risk of water leaks during diving is much lower. This sealing feature allows for the proper use of communication equipment within the mask.

Full-face diving masks can cost three to four times more than half-mask models because of all the additional materials used to manufacture the product, making it all the more important to know what you're buying before you choose to buy one.

Choose a Full Face Mask

Consider the Type of Diving You Intend to Do

Before you start shopping for full-face scuba diving masks online or in-store, it's important to consider what type of diving you intend to use the mask for.

For simple cold water diving, you're just looking for basic protection to keep the water from touching your face. If you want to communicate underwater like underwater weddings are now, a full face mask with communication is available. These are equipped with basic underwater transceiver units or more advanced communication systems.

Try Different Masks

There is no standard size for masks. So be sure to try it on to make sure the mask is right for you. Find out which is most comfortable on your face, even with a hood.

To ensure a good fit even when not submerged underwater, test it to see if it moves on your face by nodding and shaking it slightly. You can also check the fit by gently pushing up on the chin of the mask.

Double-Check the Mask

If the mask fits well, don't get too excited. Take a few more minutes to inspect the silicone material around the mask. This is what is responsible for holding the mask securely in place without causing skin discomfort, so make sure it is smooth and has no visible gaps. You can do this by putting your mask on and running your finger along the outer edge of the mask, checking for any gaps between the seal and your face.

While you're doing this, also check the surface air valve located on the side of the mask. Since the FFM does not allow the use of a snorkel, the valve allows surface air to breathe.

Test Your Visibility Range

Finally, put on a mask and look around before inspecting your products. Check your peripheral vision in the mask to make sure you have a good range of visibility.

The above has introduced the difference between a full-face diving mask and an ordinary scuba mask and the precautions when choosing a full-face diving mask. If you want to buy a diving mask, please contact us.

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