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Scuba Mask: How Many Windows Do I Need?

Scuba Mask: How Many Windows Do I Need?

May 15,2023
Diving Mask
Scuba masks come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. But when choosing your next mask, one choice you may face is whether should I go with two or one. While mask comfort and fit are paramount, it may also be a matter of finding a scuba mask that looks good and meets your wants and needs.

What Kind of Diving Mask Should You Buy?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of diving mask windows.

A Window

In the beginning, there was a... window. Scuba masks were originally single pieces of glass, but today's single-pane versions are much more complex. The obvious benefit here is a larger field of view. With no piece in the middle connecting two separate lenses, there are fewer obstructions to the diver's view. Lower volume is also a common selling point. The less air there is in the mask, the easier it is to clean and balance the area.

If you have so-called Roman brows or a larger-than-average nose bridge, you may find that a window fits your face shape better because it doesn't have a central bar indent.

Two Windows

A dual-window mask is just that, a mask with two separate windows or lenses. Usually, divers who use prescription lenses choose this type if a dual window design is more practical (however, a single corrective lens can be used in a single window design). Two window masks tend to be more compact. Durability can also be higher because there are more frames to improve the structure.

Multiple Windows

Finally, you might think of a face shield with side windows. Some diving masks come with three and four windows. The benefits here are a greater field of view (really helpful if the diver is feeling a bit claustrophobic) and more light.

Where the lenses meet, however, can cause distortions in the field of view and even blind spots.

Ultimately, though, it's up to the diver whether or not this warrants attention. The best solution is to "test drive" any mask you can, or at least read reviews before buying.

How Do I Make Sure My Scuba Mask Fits Right?

Everyone's face is different, so the rule is "fits and fits". When trying on a scuba mask, do not place the strap behind your head. Simply comb your face hair back, place the mask over your nose and eyes, and inhale through your nose. Next shake your head from side to side, if it sticks, it fits.

Once you find the right mask, put it on with the straps and see how it feels. The mask straps should not be too tight as they can pinch the skin on your cheeks and cause the mask to leak. Try different masks and choose the one that feels most comfortable. Black silicon skirts are softer, but they do restrict light and are less prone to discoloration.

Get a New Mask for Diving

Don't forget that before you use your scuba mask for the first time, the manufacturer will coat your scuba mask with silicon in the store to make it nice and shiny. This can cause your mask to fog up while diving.

The best way to remove this silicon is to rub white toothpaste into the lens from the inside out using small circular motions. Leave the toothpaste on for 10 minutes, then rinse and repeat. Always clean your mask with anti-fog solution, baby shampoo or saliva before diving.

Here are some more handy tips to keep your diving mask from fogging up

The above introduces some tips for choosing a diving mask, if you want to buy a diving mask, please contact us.

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