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4 Ways to Prevent swimming goggles Fogging

4 Ways to Prevent swimming goggles Fogging

Dec 5,2022
Swimming goggles
Swimming goggles serve a specific purpose - to help you see in the water. It's a lot of work—so much that you might see a few paranoid triathletes or open-water swimmers with a spare pair of swimming goggles on the starting line.

Even if your swimming goggles are securely attached to your face, the unprepared can be caught in a dilemma once they jump into the water. If you're not careful, your swimming goggles can start to fog up for one simple reason. Your face (inside the swimming goggles) is warmer than the area outside the swimming goggles (in this case, the water). Condensation creates a fog, which can be a pain for swimmers who are training hard or worse, competing.

It's a problem as old as swimming goggles, and the triathlon and swimming worlds have been filled with stories of how to fix it. Here are some of the more common solutions:


You can budget for fog-free solutions, but your own drool is an inexpensive and very effective short-term solution to preventing fogging. Many swimmers, due to eye sensitivity, will never wear anything but a nice loogie in their swimming goggles.

Applying saliva to the inside of the swimming goggles will add a layer of water to the lenses, preventing condensation. For a while, this will keep your swimming goggles fog-free.

Anti-fog Spray

The anti-fog spray market has evolved to address this issue. Many companies have anti-fog products for swimmers, scuba divers, snowboarders, and more.

The instructions for most of these instructions are to apply it to your swimming goggles and clean it off after a short time. It's important to get it out of the way—otherwise, it can get in your eyes and ruin your day.

Baby Shampoo

Yes, many swimmers carry a small bottle of baby shampoo with them. Add a drop or two to each lens, wait 15 minutes, then rinse off for fog-free swimming. They act like a spray, and baby shampoo leaves a clear film on the swimming goggles without letting the condensation get nasty.


This works similarly to shampoo and creates a film that prevents condensation from blocking your vision. This is a favorite tactic in the scuba diving community, but triathletes and swimmers can certainly use this method.

The above briefly introduces the methods to prevent the fogging of swimming goggles. If you want to buy swimming goggles, please contact us.

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